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pig farming equipment

  • 1.Single Pig Trough

All the solder spots are fully welded, there is no leakage welding, welding, shaft through the gasket and side plate welding, to avoid damage and fall off in the process of long-term use, while ensuring the sealing of the material groove, seepage prevention and leakage prevention.The shaft is covered with plastic leather sleeve to avoid scratches caused by collision and friction during transportation, which affects the appearance.

2.Stainless Steel Double Feeder

Swine with stainless steel double pasta trough is not only better to save the cost of raising pigs, save time, save effort, clean and hygienic, do not waste feed, good digestion and absorption, can prevent the occurrence of pig respiratory disease, intestinal disease, but also can effectively save labor, is to realize the pig factory automation, the best choice of modernization!

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