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Why choose Cason Machine ?

Why choose Cason Machine ?

Update Time:2020/4/15
Cason Manufacturing Ability 

Core members working experience 

CEO of Cason Machine : Eason Wang 

Eason Wang has much sourcing experience on hog farming equipment . He once worked as the chief sourcing manager in Qingdao MP industry company . Eason Wang started to his own business on 2014 .

Technology Engineer Eric Hu  

Eric Hu once worked as an engineer in Big Dutchman China branch and GSI china branch .  He know much about the design of European and American Hog equipment design and requirements  .

Installation Team Chief  Mr. Tian 

Mr. Tian start to work on Livestock Manure fermentation tank on 2006 , his team has finish installation of and test of fermentation tank more than 400 sets successfully until 2007 . On the year of 2017 , Mr. Tian join in Cason Machine as installation team Chief .

Our philosophy

Details determines quality  ! 

Cason Machine provide the professional design , fast manufacturing , rapid response , and standard service . 

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