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How about the company's after-sales service?

How about the company's after-sales service?

Update Time:2022/11/29
  • Main tank, ladder, hydraulic mixing system, air inlet system, deodorization system, feeding system and control system: 5 years warranty;

  • Discharge conveyor belt, canopy and lightning protection system: 3 years warranty;

  • Equipment quality assurance

  • 1. Provide equipment outline drawings, technical descriptions, operation and maintenance manuals, provide equipment, electric control equipment and installation guidance, and provide commissioning, trial operation and quality assurance services.

  • 2. The following data shall be provided for completion acceptance:

  • 1) Construction drawings and design change documents;

  • 2) Certificates or test and inspection records of main materials and products;

  • 3) Construction survey records;

  • 4) Test and inspection records;

  • 5) Construction records;

  • 6) Intermediate acceptance records;

  • 7) Project quality inspection and evaluation records;

  • 8) Project quality accident handling records.

  • Equipment quality assurance

  • The completion acceptance certificate includes the following items:

  • 1) Plane size, installation position and quantity of equipment, pipes and accessories;

  • 2) Whether the appearance, including equipment appearance and exposed pipeline installation, affects the project quality.

  • 3) A 4h running test shall be carried out to determine the effect of the equipment.

  • Once the strategic cooperation with your company is completed, our company promises to strictly follow your company's production requirements, product requirements, installation and after-sales requirements, and service requirements, strengthen project management and control, and achieve a 100% project acceptance rate.
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