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Cason | Flat piggery cleaning scraper | Three-dimensional breeding | Flat farming

Cason | Flat piggery cleaning scraper | Three-dimensional breeding | Flat farming

Cason | Flat piggery cleaning scraper | Three-dimensional breeding | Flat farming
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Update TimeJul 15,2024
Detail Information

Flat piggery cleaning scraper 


  • Qingdao Zeyu Kaisheng Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. was established in 2014 and entered the animal husbandry equipment industry in 2015. Qingdao CASON® integrates product research and development, production, sales and installation services. Its main products include modern animal husbandry equipment such as pig feeding trough, pig house stalls, flat piggery cleaning scraper equipment, organic manure fermenter and so on. The company's existing plant area of more than 9000 square meters. With turret computer punch, CNC bending machine, laser cutting machine, laser welding machine, line crane and a series of modern production equipment.


Product Description


  • The CASON® flat piggery cleaning scraper can scrape out the urine and feces in the manure ditch at the same time, effectively avoiding the leakage problem caused by the long-term accumulation of manure.
  • Flat piggery cleaning scraper of civil engineering is relatively simple when the CASON® flat piggery cleaning scraper is installed, which reduces the difficulty of civil engineering construction and saves the cost of civil engineering.

1.Product Introduction

  • CASON® Flat piggery cleaning scraper as a whole SUS304 structure. Side panel with automatic adjustment function. Rotary plate with polyurethane. Solid tie rod ensures strength. Make in strict accordance with the drawings. Nylon wheels on both sides. The main body of each CASON® flat piggery cleaning scraper is equipped with a polyurethane board to clean the residual feces in the gutter. The side plates of each CASON® flat piggery cleaning scraper are equipped with side wheels. The material of the side wheel is nylon and glass fiber mixed material, with the characteristics of wear resistance. The side wheel can effectively avoid the direct friction between the metal side plate of the scraper and the wall, and scratch the waterproof layer of the manure ditch.

2.Flat Piggery Cleaning Scraper Parameter (Specification) 



Flat scraper body

The material is SUS304. With polyurethane board.


The whole shell is made of hot-dip galvanized material. Adopt 1.5KW motor and Korean Dong Bo chain. The base is an adjustable base for better use in site construction.


Bar-type caster

Steel Wire Rope

SUS304 steel wire rope, no bulge and no joint

Control box

MCU embedded control box, customized box overall protection grade IP65.

Proximity Sensor

Imported brand sensor, stainless steel material.

Limit switch

Omron switch + Chint switch.


  • 3.Components of CASON® flat piggery cleaning scraper
  • 1) The control core of the control box is the integrated circuit board, which has been tested by the test room of Hisense White Appliances Business Division. Faster than PLC response, long life, low failure rate.
  • 2) The driving part is Japanese original drawing structure has not changed, has been running in Japan for decades, the operation is stable. Scraping plate quality changed to 304 anticorrosion effect is good.
  • 3) The equipment has proximity switch, anti-slip abnormal, travel switch waterproof treatment, low failure rate.
  • 4) The wheel is cast in one, with good shock absorption and wear resistance. The Angle wheel is a strip wheel perfectly matched with the proximity switch to monitor the normal operation of the equipment.
  • 5) Professional installation team and civil engineering guidance team, installation and commissioning personnel are more than three years of experience.



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