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How to Manage the laying hens feeding and expected delivery?

How to Manage the laying hens feeding and expected delivery?

Oct 29,2022

Eggs are rich in protein and are loved by the majority of consumers. With the continuous improvement of living standards, the demand for eggs continues to rise, which drives the vigorous development of laying hen breeding industry. In order to further improve the production capacity of laying hens, farmers must pay great attention to feeding and other aspects.

1, scientific feeding, increase nutrition. Hens need different nutrients in each growth stage, so it is necessary to scientifically change the feed, gradually changing to the predicted lay eggs feed after 16 weeks to ensure the daily intake of 2g calcium and 0.4g phosphorus.

2. Transfer in advance to get familiar with the environment. Due to the need to be transferred during the growth process, and the hens need to be familiar with the environment, so we should transfer the hens to the laying environment before the production, to avoid the disease caused by the environment and reduce the impact of stress.

3, increase light, speed up development. During the expected delivery period, increasing the time of light to promote the sexual and physical maturation of the hen, to provide favorable conditions for subsequent production, at the peak of egg production, the cumulative increase of light 16 hours.

4, epidemic prevention and control, immunization disinfection. Establish a sound epidemic prevention and control program, immune health care program, always pay attention to the health of hens, when abnormal can quickly take action, should be the first time to quarantine treatment, appropriate medicine.


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