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Common problems in pig breeding

Common problems in pig breeding

Oct 12,2022

With the increase of the number of farms and the inconsistent size of farms, it is concluded that the common problems of pig breeding at this stage are mainly reflected in the environmental problems of farms and the construction problems of farms.

1. Environmental problems of livestock farms can be divided into two categories -- internal pollution and external pollution. The main reason for this phenomenon is that many breeding farms do not pay attention to environmental protection and purification work, and the waste water of pig manure accumulation, washing and urine discharge at will, which will affect the surrounding ecological environment and healthy growth of the pig herd. Manure cleaning equipment and  aerobic vertical fermentation equipment can be used to treat the solid wastes in the process of breeding.

2. Breeding farm construction problems mainly because of unreasonable layout and inappropriate location. Can cause swine disease infection and soon.


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