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Our company held the egg industry chain development status and trend analysis of the offline working meeting

Our company held the egg industry chain development status and trend analysis of the offline working meeting

Nov 11,2022
  1. In order to further improve the understanding and talent technology training of all employees of Qingdao Kaisheng Environmental Protection Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd., on October 27, 2022, our company invited Wang Zhongqiang, Secretary-General of the Beijing Egg Processing and Sales Industry Association, to analyze the development status and trend of the egg industry chain. At the special training meeting, Liang Ning, chairman of the company, Wang Dong, general manager, and Yan Na, vice president, attached great importance to and attended the meeting.
  3. At the beginning of the meeting, Secretary-General Wang stressed the two major significance of the egg industry at the national level, namely: guaranteeing supply and stabilizing employment; eggs play an important role in promoting the improvement of the whole society. According to incomplete statistics, the scale of laying hens is increasing year by year under the adjustment of national policies. Every Each cycle will make a profit, and deeply analyze the current breeding situation of laying hens at home and abroad, explain the current situation of laying hens in different regions, and deepen our understanding of the importance of the laying hens industry.
  5. At the same time, Secretary-General Wang pointed out four backgrounds of the egg industry, and introduced and interpreted in detail the production, introduction amount, social average egg utilization rate, chicken seedling sales, etc. at this stage. Then he pointed out from the data that there is a negative correlation between the price and stock of eggs. The whole country is in the year of laying eggs. The average of degrees shows obvious cyclical fluctuations, which is also the internal motivation for the cyclical fluctuation of profits in the fresh egg market. Subsequently, the participants exchanged and shared some of the points pointed out by Secretary-General Wang.
  6. At the end of the meeting, Secretary-General Wang gave a detailed introduction to the development of the industry. This paper interprets the development prospects and national policies of the laying hens industry, and analyzes and hopes how the laying hens industry can drive the development of the environmental protection industry, food safety, market competition, finance, industry, products, foreign trade, e-commerce and other related fields.
  7. Through this meeting, the relevant personnel of the company have a deep understanding of the dangers and opportunities of the laying hens industry. Cason@ Environmental Protection Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer specializing in the production of breeding and environmental protection equipment. It has been working hard to vigorously promote the resource utilization of poultry breeding waste. At the same time, we should develop a mindset, look at animal husbandry through laying hens, look at agriculture through animal husbandry, and strive to innovate and work hard. Employees should do a detailed and practical job in their future work, complete the detection of omissions and fill gaps, and contribute their part to the completion of the work of the environmental protection industry.

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