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The difference between traditional fermentation mode and vertical aerobic fermentation tank

The difference between traditional fermentation mode and vertical aerobic fermentation tank

Nov 14,2022

The difference between traditional fermentation mode and vertical aerobic fermentation tank

  • The main production, installation and commissioning members of Cason Company were originally employees of companies that have been OEM for the Japanese for more than ten years, so they have strict requirements for the quality of products.
  • Each process is produced in accordance with the technical standards of Japanese enterprises. After continuous improvement, the original traditional fermentation method has been changed to a vertical aerobic fermentation tank.


  • 1. Oxygen transmission and insulation effect: traditional fermentation is dumping oxygen infusion, and the insulation effect is poor; when the aerobic vertical fermentation tank is stirred, the fan is injected oxygen, and there is an insulation layer in the middle of the inner and outer walls, and the insulation effect is good;

2. Fermentation time and floor space: the new model is about half the time of the traditional model, and the floor space is small;

  • 3. Odor: There is no specific odor collection device for traditional fermentation, and the odor diffusion is serious. The new model adopts spray deodorization, and the deodorization tower is rowed to more than 15 meters, basically achieving no odor around the equipment;

  • 4. Automation degree: The degree of automation of aerobic vertical fermentation is low, the fermentation process does not require human participation, but the traditional mode is the opposite;

  • 5. Organic fertilizer organic matter content: The loss of ammonia volatile nitrogen in the closed fermentation process can be reduced by about 15% compared with the traditional process; the detection concentration of ammonia and hydrogen sulfide in the ambient air 10 meters away from the fermentation reactor system is less than 2 parts per million; the total emission of ammonia can be reduced after the odor is collected and treated by the closed system.

  • 6. Sterilization effect on insect eggs, pathogens and other substances: the traditional fermentation insulation effect is poor, and the fermentation temperature distribution is uneven. The temperature of the new model fermentation room is maintained at more than 50°C for 5-7 days, which can better kill insect eggs, pathogens and weed seeds.

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