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Based on agricultural science and technology, benefit employees and serve the country

Based on agricultural science and technology, benefit employees and serve the country

Nov 28,2022
  • Qingdao Kaisheng Environmental Protection Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is an agricultural industrialization enterprise that takes the overall environmental protection plan as the guide and the manufacturing industry and service industry develop together. Since he entered the animal husbandry industry in 2007, the person in charge of Kaisheng Environmental Protection has firmly adhered to the concept of "correctness, efficiency and innovation", led the enterprise to participate in the "Science and Technology Project for the Benefit of the People" in Qingdao and passed the acceptance. It has been awarded the "High tech Enterprise" and won the "Construction Enterprise Qualification Certificate" in September 2022. Now, Cason has become a national well-known enterprise with high technology content, accurate remote control and excellent after-sales service. With the continuous increase of customers, branches will be set up in Sichuan and Guangdong respectively in 2020 to lay the foundation for providing more timely and high-quality services to surrounding customers.


  • Qingdao Cason is committed to the production, R&D and service of organic waste aerobic fermentation treatment equipment, providing users with high-quality, efficient and intelligent organic waste treatment equipment and timely, life-long, professional technology and after-sales service. In the near future, Qingdao Cason will continue to focus on agriculture, develop and produce mountain, greenhouse and small smart agricultural machinery and equipment, and promote the development of national intelligent agriculture.


  • The transformation of organic waste is an important part of the implementation of national environmental protection policies, mainly including plant straw and processing waste, animal manure and processing waste, kitchen waste and domestic sludge. If these wastes are not treated, they will seriously affect soil resources, water resources and the environment, thus affecting the quality of life of the people. This makes the treatment of organic waste particularly important. Qingdao Cason has been working hard to solve the problem of organic waste disposal. After years of dedicated research and development, continuous experiment and innovation, we have fully mastered the whole process of organic waste treatment, including waste collection, solid-liquid separation, crushing treatment, aerobic fermentation, transportation and transmission. For different processes, Qingdao Cason has developed different products. Take pig farms as an example to introduce the whole process.


  • The organic wastes are mainly feces. The forms of collecting feces are mainly bubble feces and mechanical scraping feces. The moisture content of feces collected by these two methods is different. Compared with bubble feces, mechanical scraping feces has lower moisture content, which is more conducive to aerobic fermentation. The feces collected by soaking feces need to be treated by solid-liquid separator to reduce the water content to reach the optimal water content (60-80%) of aerobic fermentation. It is inevitable that there will be some screws, plastics, domestic garbage and stones in the dung ditch that fall off carelessly, or the fecal dirt that has been stored for a long time will form boards. In these cases, it is necessary to deal with them through a grinder, so that the materials can fully contact with bacterial agents and oxygen, and complete fermentation can be achieved.


  • In the whole process of organic fermentation, material transportation is essential, and the most effective transportation equipment is the auger transportation equipment, plate chain transportation equipment, plunger pump high-pressure transportation and conveyor belt transportation. The highest quality fermentation materials are finally obtained through collection, separation and pulverization. After adding bacterial agents, they are put into the fermentation equipment. After 7-10 days of closed fermentation, the primary effect organic fertilizer is finally obtained. Compared with traditional fermentation, the closed vertical high-temperature fermentation tank has the most sufficient fermentation, the shortest time, the best effect, the lowest labor cost, and the smallest floor area. It is currently the most recognized and widely used fermentation method in the market.

Promote the industrialization of modern agriculture, and share every achievement of the enterprise with the strivers

  • With the environmental protection requirements of the country for animal husbandry and other industries, we advocate the comprehensive utilization of animal husbandry waste residue, organic fertilizer, organic feed and other methods, respond to the harmless farmland returning standards, accelerate the construction of a modern breeding system, establish a sound environmental treatment system, accelerate the construction of a modern processing and circulation system, and continue to promote the green and circular development of animal husbandry. Qingdao Cason always takes "promoting the industrialization of modern agriculture" as the goal, works "correctly, efficiently and innovatively", and follows the requirements of the scientific concept of development to build a resource saving and environment-friendly animal husbandry; Efforts should be made to build a healthy animal husbandry that is harmonious between man and nature and people-oriented, and to build a sustainable animal husbandry with circular economy.
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