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How to use the chicken trough correctly?

How to use the chicken trough correctly?

Jan 12,2023
  • In the process of using special plastic chicken feed trough, we should minimize the exposure time of feed in the air. Feed should not be stored in the feed box outside the chicken coop. When feeding into the small feed box inside the chicken coop, feed should be poured bag by bag. The feed inside the chicken coop should not be allowed to enter, and the amount of feed should be moderate to avoid the occurrence of feed moisture.
  • When filling in the feeding report of the day, it should be based on the standard that the small box in the house is full of materials. Reasonable use of chicken feed trough is the key to ensure the feeding effect of chickens. In the breeding of chickens, the application of this trough product is of course essential, and we can ensure the feeding effect of chickens only by setting up the trough reasonably. When a chicken reaches the second day of age, it is necessary to observe the dynamics of the chicken regularly, its feed intake, the color of chicken manure, the light condition, etc., and to add water and materials in due course. On the third day of age, it is necessary to carry out routine management, pay attention to good hygiene, check the dirt in the dish at any time, and at the same time, do a good job in cleaning and disinfecting the drinking fountain and food trough in time, so as to ensure the food safety of the chickens.


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