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How small and medium-sized chicken farms survive

How small and medium-sized chicken farms survive

Jan 5,2023
Recently a friend chatted: so many new large egg farms, domestic small and medium-sized, especially small farms, there is still room? Let's talk about this topic today!
Small and medium-sized egg farms, in the domestic share of egg farming, the existence of time, will be very long!

small poultry farm

Value of small and medium-sized chicken farms

From the point of view of the stocking ratio: small and medium-sized, small-scale farms account for the majority of the domestic egg farming market share. With the rise of large egg farms, it will take a long time to slowly compress this market share; second, the advantages of small farms: small scale, small single flocks, good flock management, relatively good production performance, flexible operation, relatively low production costs, good turnaround; third, the habit of fresh egg consumption: although the number of domestic egg-laying hens is relatively large, most of the domestic fresh eggs are still in the form of shell eggs The majority of domestic fresh eggs are still consumed in the form of shell eggs. The domestic income is divided into high, medium, and low levels, although there are already many rural towns and other less developed areas of the population, transferred to relatively developed areas. However, according to the income structure, the middle and low-income groups still dominate.

Reduce the cost of raising chickens

Then, the general public fresh eggs are also consumed by the mainstream middle and low-income groups, and the market share of fresh eggs is also large. As long as there is a large number of low- and middle-income people, there is a wide market demand for ordinary mass fresh eggs. It will exist for a long time. Branded eggs with high added value have a relatively small market share. There is a demand, and only then will there be room for existence. This gives space and time for small and medium-sized scattered egg farms to exist.
However, small and medium-sized scattered egg farms have to change according to the situation, and cannot stay the same. For example, the time to feed chicks, the time to eliminate old chickens, etc., change with the general environment, gradually adjust the stocking quantity and stocking structure, try to properly compress production costs, improve the added value of eggs, eliminated chickens, chicken manure and other products, find ways to add more value, and put more effort in operation.

broiler poultry farm

In the end, whether it is a large farm or a small or medium-sized farm, if you want to survive all the time, you have to do everything possible to generate income. Continuously increasing revenue, is the hard truth.
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